Fused Fiber Optic Elements

Image conduits are composed of many individual plastic optical fibers fused together.  Each fiber transmits a single pixel of the image.

Three general product areas are itemized below.

This product type is also known as image guide. Fiber bundles are generally flexible and usually composed of many thousands of long microfibers. These microfibers are arranged in a tight parallel array.  Fiber bundles are typically 20 cm to 100 cm in length and 0.5 mm to 2.0 mm in diameter.

This product type is generally rigid and inflexible.  Many thousands of microfibers are arrayed, but their lengths are very short.  Fiber optic plates are commonly coin sized, with a large surface area relative to their thickness. Fiber optic plates are typically 2 mm to 10 mm thick, with a surface area of 1 to 20 square centimeters.

Nanoptics, Inc. will produce unusual, one of a kind conduit, to meet your specific needs. Our engineers, designers, and technicians will work with your specifications to produce any fused fiber element required, regardless of shape or size. These products include image transmitting ribbons, cubes, or rods, made from many thousands of individual micro fibers.