A Message from Our President

Nanoptics, Inc. was established in 1987 as a research facility. Since then, we have been making the utmost effort to develop the most advanced future-oriented fiber. We always have strived to innovate these products in order to satisfy our customers and meet their various requirements.

Simply put, it's our approach to meeting your custom fiber needs -- an approach based solely on requirements. You tell us what you need, when you need it, and where it needs to be delivered. And we'll say, "No problem."

We have a world-class facility in the heart of Gainesville, FL and the proven ability to meet your requirements anywhere in the world. Our research, engineering and manufacturing capabilities are second to none. But what makes Nanoptics truly extraordinary is our people -- the most talented and dedicated in the industry. We're an independent company committed to providing a full range of custom fiber products to meet diverse requirements, consistently and cost-effectively.

Always committed to customer satisfaction, excellent technology, and superb quality, Nanoptics, Inc. produces and supplies state-of-the-art products for the development of future fiber-oriented products.

All of us at Nanoptics are excited about our new look at Nanoptics.com. We hope the new site will help keep our customers better informed about our products and research. Our Retail Store has over 50 different options for archery replacement fiber including our two most popular fiber types, 5 different colors, and all the standard diameters for your pins. You can learn more about our products and custom fiber production on their respective pages. We will highlight a selection of our current research efforts to keep you informed of our new innovations.  Of course, if you need to contact us, all of our information is listed so you can share your comments, ask questions, or inquire about sales. And visit our Spotlight page to see the latest news on events, products, special deals, information about our shooters, and other updates.

We will always keep our promise to provide quality, expert service to our customers and meet all their needs based on the Nanoptics spirit.

Young Noh
Nanoptics, Inc.